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Thursday, June 6, 2013

On Milestones and Hope

I reached a new milestone in my writing career this week--I sent out my very first book query! *SQUEEE!* My book has officially left the nest to try and find its place in the world. It was a lot more nerve-wracking than I anticipated and I definitely felt some nervous jitters as I hit send. But that was nothing compared to the excitement I felt when the confirmation email popped up in my inbox.

My first ten pages are sitting in an agent's inbox right now. Whoa.

Now comes 6-8 weeks of waiting. For me, this is one of the hardest parts of being a writer. Not because I have a hard time being patient, but because I have a really hard time being optimistic. I'm much more of a realist when it comes to things like this. Part of me wants to believe my manuscript can and will be accepted by my number-one agency/agent pick on my first try. But the other part of me thinks, if it took sixty queries for a book like The Help to find success, who am I to think I'll find success right off the bat? Plus, there's this feeling that--besides it being statistically unlikely--it wouldn't be fair. After all, so many amazing authors have had to work incredibly hard to land an agent. Who am I to hope I could nail it on a first try? And isn't it better not to hope for too much, so I won't be disappointed if things don't work out?

But despite all of that, I hope. This time, optimism seems to have taken hold of me. I really, truly hope that this particular agent will choose to represent me. Sure, it might not happen. And that's cool. I'll find another potential agent, send another query, and hope some more. Because I realized something as I waffled between optimism and my perception of reality. Even though it may seem like I'm hoping for too much, what point is there in trying if you don't hope for--and even anticipate--success? If all you hope for and expect is failure, your dream is going to have a super sad existence. And dreams aren't meant to be super sad, pessimistic creatures. It goes against their very nature.

So...make your dream happy. Feed it some hope.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meet Pinkletin

One of my early sketches of Pinkletin

Wondering why my blog is called Lemon Biscuits? For the answer, here's the synopsis part of the pitch I submitted to Pitchapalooza last month:

"But now, Pinkletin found that his list was much larger than his knapsack. And so it was that Mole found him, trying to decide between a set of encyclopedia and a tin of lemon biscuits..."

Dear Reader, allow me to introduce you to a teacup-sailing frog named Pinkletin. A frog with an adventurous spirit and an insatiable curiosity to find out what marvelous things are waiting across the pond, down the stream and over the horizon. From falling under the spell of the fairies' tales, to battling river pirates and accidentally joining the circus, Pinkletin soon discovers it doesn't take much to turn an ordinary journey into a fantastic adventure.

Hopefully Pinkletin and his delicious pastries will be hitting the shelves of a bookstore near you in the future. For now, I hope to have The Fantastical Adventures of Pinkletin Frog ready for beta-readers around June.