Friday, December 13, 2013

Verily Magazine

Today I wanted to do a different sort of review. Instead of raving about my latest favorite novel, I have to share with you my new favorite magazine: Verily.

Credit for this particular discovery goes to my husband, who stumbled upon this new magazine online and left the sample issue up on our computer for me to read. He knows me well. By the time I was halfway through the sample pages, I was hooked. I subscribed immediately. A couple weeks ago I got my first issue, and let me tell you, this isn't your typical women's magazine. It's sooo much better than that.

Verily's tagline is Less of who you should be, more of who you are. It's a perfect description. No more flipping through page after page of celebrity gossip, million dollar outfits, photoshopped "perfect" bodies, and five steps to fitting into that little black dress by Friday. Instead, you get real stuff for your real life.

I've skimmed the entire issue and I'm about halfway through reading page by page and let me tell you, I'm absolutely in love with this magazine. This issue opens with a letter from the editor, explaining why she thinks a women's magazine should be able to offer serious journalism alongside fashion, cooking, and relationship advice. And Verily does this, in an absolute brilliant fashion. From practical advice on surviving life with in-laws, to music and book recommendations, to a hard-hitting report on violence against women in Egypt, Verily gives us a magazine that is about more than entertainment--it has substance. It's everything you could want and more in a modern magazine for the grown woman, single or married. And an added bonus? They pledge not to photoshop their models, which only adds to the publication's feeling of authenticity. Verily's promise on their website is 100% true--it's a breath of fresh air. I'm looking forward to diving into future issues, and I'll definitely be telling all my girlfriends to check it out.

Take a peek inside the current issue.

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